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Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral counseling and therapy session in progress.

Integrated Behavioral Health

At Waco Family Medicine, we recognize the best approach to care involves treating both the body and mind. Our integrated behavioral health clinicians partner with primary care providers, patients and families to provide patient-centered care for mental health and substance misuse conditions, health behaviors (including their contribution to medical illnesses), life stressors and crises, and stress-related physical symptoms. All of our integrated behavioral health providers are licensed clinical social workers with specialized training in integrated behavioral healthcare.

Counseling Services

Our Counseling service offers full courses of psychotherapy and counseling to children, adults, and their families with a broad range of treatment needs. Treatments range from targeted interventions for depression and trauma to broader needs such as behavioral challenges in children or adjustment to family conflict and changes. Patients, families, and clinicians work collaboratively to develop a treatment plan with specific results. Visits may occur in one-hour sessions, once a week, twice a month or as needed. When specialty behavioral health care is no longer needed, patients may benefit from periodic visits with their primary care clinic’s integrated behavioral health provider to assist with maintaining gains and preventing relapse. Our staff is comprised of therapists with broad training in evidence-based therapies.

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Depression can range from mild to immobilizing. The most effective treatment combines talk therapy and medication as prescribed by your doctor.


Anxiety is frightening and uncomfortable in whatever form it takes. Our reaction is to avoid the anxiety or make it go away however we can. Counselors can teach relaxation and self-soothing behaviors to learn to cope with anxiety or fears without medication


Counselors provide screening for determining if ADHD might be present, provide education to parents about ADHD, and work with children to help them learn skills which may be helpful at school.

School Behavior

Children may have problems in school due to a number of issues including problems at home, bullying, or problems with a teacher. Counselors help to identify the problem and work to improve school performance.


Many people have unpleasant feelings or disturbing images when they experience things like violence, physical pain, or observation of severe human suffering. Our counselors use specialized techniques to help in moving past the trauma, lessening the painful feelings associated with the trauma, and reducing the power of intrusive or disturbing images.

Life Adjustment Issues

Life is always changing and requires continual adjustment. Counselors work to assist in finding ways to cope with life’s issues or accepting what cannot be changed.


Grief is painful and is the result of a loss. It can be the loss of a family member, an unborn child, a friend, a pet, or even a dream. Counselors offer help to understand the grief process, discover ways to get through this process, and provide support.


Many people feel stressed in today’s hectic world with its many demands. There are skills which can be learned to assist you in either finding ways to lessen the stress or coping with the stress in different ways.

Relationship Problems

Interpersonal relationship problems can occur with spouses or significant other, children, friends, and co-workers. Counselors can teach communication skills and coping techniques to assist in solving these problems.

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